Can’t Hide from Anyone (When You Make Viral Videos)

One of the nice things about having your ugly mug (and ass crack) all over the Internet is that old friends can find you easily. Check out this IM exchange between my first boss in Philadelphia and his brother (click more). They’re looking for me and start finding some of my videos.

HisBrother(3:07:54 PM): any news from Kevin?

FormerBoss (3:08:10 PM): No..nothing

FormerBoss (3:08:25 PM): Let’s play a game

FormerBoss (3:08:32 PM): “where is Kevin”

HisBrother(3:08:35 PM): do you know which group he’s most closely attached to?

FormerBoss (3:08:40 PM): One of his favorite games

FormerBoss (3:08:56 PM): No, he floats so much…hard to keep track

HisBrother(3:08:57 PM): um, last we saw him, he was banging is crackberry on some kid’s head

HisBrother(3:09:04 PM): maybe he got arrested for that

FormerBoss (3:09:14 PM): ok…here the possabilities:

FormerBoss (3:09:29 PM): a) in Alabama woods (no blackberry)

FormerBoss (3:09:43 PM): Jo’s family summer home (no balckberry)

FormerBoss (3:09:53 PM): A pharma conference someplace (he’s at the pool)

FormerBoss (3:10:03 PM): babysitting kids while wife is at work

HisBrother(3:10:27 PM): most likely out filming viral videos

FormerBoss (3:10:40 PM): FFFFFFFFFFF….vm

HisBrother(3:14:40 PM):

HisBrother(3:14:46 PM): nalty video

FormerBoss (3:16:52 PM): OMG

HisBrother(3:17:01 PM): lol

FormerBoss (3:17:04 PM): Actually VERY funny

HisBrother(3:17:08 PM): yeah,

HisBrother(3:17:14 PM): “pull over, I’m getting out”

FormerBoss (3:20:19 PM): I love the part where the GPS turns around

HisBrother(3:24:55 PM): how many kids does he have?

HisBrother(3:25:02 PM): there are like 10 in  every video

FormerBoss (3:25:14 PM): I think 5

HisBrother(3:26:01 PM): proof that he’s Gentile

FormerBoss (3:26:08 PM): oh yeah

HisBrother(3:27:42 PM):

FormerBoss (3:28:31 PM): OMG

HisBrother(3:28:42 PM): what?

FormerBoss (3:28:51 PM): He has lost his mind

HisBrother(3:29:00 PM): uh, he has hunreds of these online

HisBrother(3:29:04 PM): hundreds

HisBrother(3:30:27 PM):

HisBrother(3:30:30 PM): omg

HisBrother(3:30:31 PM): omg

FormerBoss (3:31:25 PM): ROFBLOL

HisBrother(3:31:30 PM): yeah

HisBrother(3:31:45 PM): you can leave him a vmal leeting him know you’ve seen his ass crack

HisBrother(3:33:27 PM): this one is from two days ago

HisBrother(3:33:34 PM):

HisBrother(3:34:42 PM): he’s mental

FormerBoss (3:37:04 PM): Yeah

HisBrother(3:37:16 PM): gotta pee brb