YouTube Serving 100 Million Videos Du Jour

you.jpgIt seems like just weeks ago YouTube was reporting that they served 45 million videos a day. Now it’s 100 million according to this nice summary by Techcrunch

Then there’s the monthly bandwidth charge, which was reported by some as costing a million a month, but ironically recent estimates put it at $500K per month (despite the fact that they’re streaming way more videos. If YouTube actually read blogs and interacted with them, they might clarify that. But we can be 100% sure they’ll respond to this post in the same way they’ve responded to my many other posts. Dead silence.

In fact I think I’ll start making up fake info about YouTube to see if they respond. Like that Sequoia is pulling out because of the lack of a business model.

Anyway, nice quote from TechCrunch. So true:

Something is going to have to happen or YouTube is likely to become a poster child for Bubble2.0, an era when companies floundered not because of lack of users but lack of a viable business model.

2 Replies to “YouTube Serving 100 Million Videos Du Jour”

  1. Definately more than $500k/month. I’d put monthly burn rate closer to $2MM/month.

    No privately held company would ever disclose their operating financials, so I wouldn’t take it personally. I’m sure they will be looking for more money before the end of the year, so if you know friend who is a Venture Capitalist, they could find out for you.

  2. Thanks, VideoMan. I imagine you’re right- I’ve talked to others that estimate well more than $1 billion.

    So if I’m Sequioa Capital, I’m feeling good why?

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