8 Replies to “Vlogger Captures Trip to Emergency Room: Anaphylactic Fit Highlights”

  1. I wanted to take my camera into the hospital when my girlfriend recently had surgery. I didn’t want to chance them manhandling my camera though. Glad all is well. Cheers.

  2. The trick is the lil’ “Pure Digital Point and Shoot.” They’re subtle and you can hide them in a syrofoam cup.

  3. Kevin, you are one crazy mofo! Your wife is a really good sport.
    My wife is always bugging me that she has three kids she has to take care of…me and my two boys. Yours has 5!!!

    I agree with MDJ, really good music!

    You know what would really be sick, when you do kick the bucket and, of course, you will have figured out a way to film that special moment, to have one of your kids upload it to Revver.

    But hopefully that will be after many years of videos of Nalts turning 40, Nalts first 40 year old doctor visit (you know what I’m talking about, I’m dreading it too) , turning 50, Nalts kids graduate from college, 60, Nalts has a grandchild, Nalts turns 70, Nalts has alzheimers watches his own videos and wonders who was the genius who filmed them, Nalts gets cured of alzheimers, Nalts turns 80, videos of Nalts at the Rest Home filming old people falling, Nalts gets all the other Rest Home patients to be in his new film, a remake of Cocoon. Nalts turns 90 and films first holographic video of his birthday, Nalts turns 100, kicks the bucket finally, gets kicked out of Heaven for filming an Angel playing frisbee with his halo.

  4. I’m planning early alzheimers. You’ll know it’s kicked in when you see the same 100 videos being uploaded each morning.

  5. Uh oh. My favorite sister found the video she told me not to post because it would have my future employer consider my insanity a pre-existing condition.

  6. Truly frightening, and gripping. We too are glad yous is aight. It’s like a train wreck you’re thinking “put the f(*&#n camera down dude’ and concentrate on living, but then again you ARE capturing life so intensely (and oddly not so seriously during serious moments). I can’t imagine what would happen if they gave you your own network series. I smell mega-reality hit.

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