Marquisdejolie Reviews Pay-For-Content Sites

One of the highest productivity video creators is also the most experimental with various sites and blogs to promote his work. Here’s his comment about some of the pay-for-content sites. To see his blog, click on the link on the right (I have a perpetually link to his video blog.

Revver is king. I’ve made a couple of thousand dollars from it even though it did make me do all the promoting.

Panjea’s damned Flash rips my QuickTime files to shreds. I’m really starting to hate Flash sites.

LuLu wants me to PAY $15 a month to upload on the off chance that I make make $10? That’s Hillbilly math.

eefoof has no embeddable code. How can you have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat? I mean, how am I supposed to promote my videos if I can’t shop them around? And again, WTF is this with the “Does Not Claim Ownership” category?