Eefoof Compared to YouTube… Like Revver Doesn’t Exist

Interesting that Eefoof — a relatively new site that pays creators for content — is getting billed as a “YouTube competitor.” Check out this CNBC story and this post, which raises the question as to whether it will be a YouTube killer. Mashable challenges the business model and calls the site ugly.

I give Eefoof credit for putting together a decent site, and surviving beta mode the best you can. The site has pulled together a forum and is using it to inform content guidelines and advertising approaches. The site has been challenged because the registrations skyrocket after the recent publicity (there were 10K registrants when they did the CNBC story and the forums indicate that 4K registered as a result of this media attention… that’s a significant jump).

I’m a Revver loyalist, but Revver has something to learn from Eefoof’s media attention… Revver is still suffering from one of the worst PR and marketing efforts in the online video space. I won’t name the PR agency, but you know who you are… time for a new account team before you lose the account.

To Revver’s PR Agency: Riding EepyBird’s story and not creating your own news, it’s just lazy PR!

How can Revver be in beta for more than 6 months, and then an upstart like Eefoof can gain media attention, a flood of visitors and a flurry of registrations?

4 Replies to “Eefoof Compared to YouTube… Like Revver Doesn’t Exist”

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of either Eefoof or Revver, so I guess you’re right about the PR thing. At any rate, I like the idea of users getting paid for the content they post. Have you made any money from Revver yet?

  2. I just don’t get it. Eefoof is getting so much press lately you think they invented the wheel anew. I think it is one of the worst concepts out there. Despite the coverage the best video on their site has 250 views. At this rate I don’t think there will ever be one check filed with the minimum payment of $25.

  3. the payment model of eefoof seems kind of mental. eefoof take half then posters get a share of the ad revenue depending on the ammount of views thier videos get. so if your videos get 10% of the site views, you get 5% of the months ad revenue. the people who thought revvers system was nightmare are probably gonna get some exploding head stuff.

    borrowed pictures of glamour models sneakily hidden in the middle of videos, or just uploaded as is, is gonna totally mess up the sytem too.

    this also means no embedding videos to your own site, that coupled with the CC/affiliate program is what makes revver the best site for content creators IMO.

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