(The Out Takes Are Funnier)

I’ll get the out takes up soon. They’re much funnier than this spoof of a worker trying to get laid off for the severance. Pretty cool that my real boss agreed to helping on this. And she managed to not crack up once… even while I was eating crayons.

2 Replies to “(The Out Takes Are Funnier)”

  1. That had a Klingeresque Mash-like feel to it with an Office Space vibe. Nice job.

    That guy who allowed his tie to go in the shredder was a brave soul. He could have died!

  2. Thanks- someone did suggest I wear a Klinger dress, but I thought that might come back to haunt me.

    I tested the tie shredder bit before doing it, and assured him that there’s no “pull” effect. At any point, you can pull the tie out. He had to fake like it was bringing him into the shredder, in fact. The minute he sat up it’s released. It was his idea to walk by with the mini tie in a later segment.

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