Shocking Customer Service

customerdeligh.jpgThere’s a whole range of customer service approaches, and the online video sites haven’t exactly figured that out. That’s become apparent on my blog where people have been known to gripe about slow responses and ignored e-mails.

Here’s a stunning exception, and first impressions are lasting ones. Adriana, the star of “Blah, Blah, Blogs,” tells me I’m too spread out over various sites, and has been urging me to give a whirl. I wanted to see if I could make it my one-stop shop for my revtagged videos and my blog. She met the Blip folks in NYC, and she drank the koolaid (as well as many other types of liquor).

So I, somewhat skeptical, tried to connect this WordPress blog to my new Blip identity. Ran into some problems and e-mailed the address listed on the site (expecting to hear back on Monday at best). About 30 seconds later I get an e-mail from Mike Hudack, one of the co-founders. He gives me some ideas, and asks me some questions in a thread of e-mail. Then I get this note from him.

I’m on my blackberry and just sitting down for dinner (no wifi here, I checked).  May I ask if you’ve independently confirmed if that’s the right api endpoint? Have you tried it with a desktop blogging app like w.bloggar or ecto?  That could be helpful. Besides that, I’m afraid there isn’t too much I can do this moment but I will be sure to work on this as soon as I get home in a couple hours. In the mean time you may want to use our copy & paste functionality to get going. You can get to this by clicking “share” while on your video view page.

Obviously I told him to enjoy dinner and not to worry about it. The surprising thing is that Mike had no idea I’ve been blogging about online video sites for months. I was a random Blip customer, and I got red carpet treatment.

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