Virally Funny VW “Fast” Campaign

jim-meskimen-project-fast2.jpgJim Meskiman (comedian and voice of JibJab) sent the following e-mail out today. This campaign rivals the Sasquatch Link’s Beef Jerkey campaign It’s just plain refreshing to watch advertising that’s entertaining. And as our television habits shift and we take control of our advertising consumption, it’s the viral video pieces that will break into our collective mindshare. Funny or interesting advertising is no longer an option. Which means we’ll see a lot more of this…

Note: ALL CAP comments are mine not his.

Hello, my name is Dr. Kellar. I am a Volkswagen engineer. If you are inquisitive, (and that is very good if you are being inquisitive, by the way) then you might be enjoying to take a look at these little instructive films that we have about the Volkswagen, and how perhaps it relates to you. You can just to click on the small blue words which are below and you will, I think, see the movies. If you don’t are liking them, you can just to stop the clicking.

#1 (NEW)



#4 (BEST)



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