Bill Gates Raw!

It’s not every day that I have a chance to videotape a zillionaire without him knowing. Here’s “Bill Gates Raw!”

The idea was to see how many subtle Mac or Linux comments we could make before driving the Microsoft founder off the deep end.

6 Replies to “Bill Gates Raw!”

  1. Man. I’m a Mac user and I found that rather offensive. Geez. Leave Bill alone with the Apple/Linux vs Microsoft. It’s old and tired already.

    You could have done so much more with this opportunity. How about maybe asking him about his foundation and how he’s looking to help children around the world.

    Pretty sad state of affairs when you use a kid to say “I like Linux” to Bill Gates.

  2. Bill Gates impersonators are a dime a dozen. Only Elvis has more. This guy could maybe pass for a 30ish Bill Gates, but he’s definitely not the almost 50ish version we see today. Nice try, nonetheless.

  3. Do you honestly think I have budget for a real Bill Gates impersonator? This guy just happened to look like him and he obliged to this video. Interestingly enough, he’s in the software business and visits Microsoft. They often think he’s an impersonator.

    I didn’t realize how young he looked relative to Gates until I found some recent photo of the Microsoft founder. Maybe I should have put some makeup on this guy.

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