Making Money on Your Amateur Videos: Comparing Revenue-Sharing Websites

Now that we’re seeing several online video sites that share revenue with video creators, it’s time for a comparison grid! For now I’m starting with Revver vs. Panjea vs. Eefoof, since they’re the only prominent sites that share revenue. I’ve also included YouTube and Google Video since they’re popular and give us a comparative base on some non-revenue attributes. If I’ve missed a site (and I know I have because there’s one called something like Jeukrurueuz, and I can’t find it) please let me know.

Sorry about the JPEG chart below, but I haven’t figured out how to create a chart using WordPress. I’ll be updating this post (it’s current as of July 8, 2006) so you might want to bookmark it. If you RSS, you’ll know when it gets a major update.

The initial criteria I have included are the following:

  1. Best and worst attributes (example- lots of traffic but won’t accept .mov files)
  2. Revvenue sharing model (per view, per click, etc.). I will soon track how/when they pay.
  3. Ad types (banners, text ads, video ads)
  4. Traffic (this isn’t scientific, but I’ll use Alexa or public Hitwise data later)
  5. Format: Flash or Quicktime (I’ll soon explore video quality more deeply)
  6. Upload-to-live time: (how quickly it’s live after you upload it- very important)

Posts welcome if I’ve missed any good sites that pay content creators, or if you think I haven’t been fair in the ratings.

Note- I’ve excluded sites that are preparing to share revenue but haven’t announced it publicly. If you’re ready (and you know who you are) please let me know.

The Chart:
(to read it on MS Word, click here: Online Video Sites Compared)


17 Replies to “Making Money on Your Amateur Videos: Comparing Revenue-Sharing Websites”

  1. Jeukerz is on hold. Got a nice email from them saying they were going to try something else.

    MediaTipper can’t get it together and Motion.TV made me less than $2 in three months on nearly 100 videos.

  2. Can you send me an ms word version of your ‘online video sites compared’? I clicked on the link to view it in ms word, and I got this form, so I am filling it out, in hopes of viewing your chart.

  3. Thanks- Jeukerz (like CubeBreak) seemed like a one-person show. Cool idea, though. A combination of the million pixel idea and online videos.

    Sounds like Motion.TV isn’t getting there yet… 100 of your videos should have at least been worth a couple hundred bucks.

    Let me know if you’ve made any $ on others.

    I just can’t believe how pay-for-content is such a secret still.

  4. So what will it be? Conclusion? Im using Revver btw. Its interface is ugly. But i cant complain. I like your theme bte =p

  5. Yea am not liein now i have 33vids, and i will tell ya when i get my next pay. is the only site that i gat payed from !
    its the best!!!

  6. $36 for 33 vids this last month! is the way to go!!!
    heres what i made since i was a menber!
    Payment Log
    Total: $104.67
    April 2006 View Details $20.01
    June 2006 View Details $21.59
    July 2006 View Details $26.98
    August 2006 View Details $36.09

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