Google Video- More Viral Popularity Than I Thought

Up until recently I didn’t think my videos on Google Video were getting many views. Then I discovered you can enter your account and see total views. I’ve got more than 250,000 views on my videos. Here are a few.

I ‘d recommend submitting your work to Google even if you put it elsewhere… seems that although traffic to Google Video is lower than YouTube, my content is getting more than twice the visibility.

Author: Nalts

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3 thoughts on “Google Video- More Viral Popularity Than I Thought”

  1. I use the Google ‘Reports’ section you’re talking about as a tool to see which of my videos continue to get views and which peaked early.Very useful tool. Much better than a pie chart of the top 5 videos! I can check views by day, week, month or any specified period of time! Very informative tool.

  2. I do miss having specific details per video. Even better- I’d like to know what they viewed before/after my video. This shouldn’t be that difficult because each video is a unique URL. And finally, if the video is viewed somewhere else (syndicated) I sure would like to know where it is. That helps me know where my stuff needs to be. Frustrating being in the dark from an analytics standpoint…

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