Creating the Perfect Online Video Site (Frankenstein Style)

I’m planning on doing a thorough review of the major online video sites, but here’s my first attempt at creating the perfect online video site:perfect-ovs-copy.jpg

  1. It would have the traffic and community of YouTube.
  2. It would have Revver’s advertising-sharing model
  3. It would have Metacafe’s ability to sift the best content
  4. It would have that cute little logo from EyeSpot
  5. It would have amazing indexed search that I haven’t found anywhere

Author: Nalts

Hi. I'm Nalts.

2 thoughts on “Creating the Perfect Online Video Site (Frankenstein Style)”

  1. From your mouth to God’s ears, as they say at the shiva. I would kill for decent indexed search! With over 500 videos on Revver in their field of 14,000 videos, do you know how hard it is for me to find one of my own videos? It’s a nightmare. Looking forward to your review of the top 150 video-hosting sites!

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