When a Copyright Violater Gets Violated

I like scoring my videos with copyrighted songs, but I started to realize that it’s not sustainable. So now I’m carefull with copyright issus — using royalty free content or my own creations on GarageBand (Mac).

I had a new awakening about copyright violation yesterday when speaking to a guy from Google Video. I realized (see image below) that my “Google Earth: Has it Gone Too Far” had been submitted by two other people. Then while we were speaking I realized his team had selected Crackberry as a “Google Pick.” He asked why I hadn’t included the name of my company and I said it must have been an oversight. But when I went to edit the video entry I realized… I hadn’t submitted Crackberry! Someone else scraped it from YouTube or Revver.

As he observed, this isn’t an issue for those seeking viral fame. But for those with content they hope to commercialize, it’s a bummer. It’s also a risk as someone could easily edit my work, add something offensive and submit it as me.

To be honest, I’m flattered that someone would go to the trouble. Yet if someone starts making money on my content I’m going to have to create a fake URL of an attorney’s website and send out really good BS letters from him. I think I’ll use the name Mike Huntz.