Royalty-Free Music for Cheap

First a disclaimer. I don’t take any spiffs to mention a company or product on this Blog. I’m a former journalist, and I only cover something if I find it interesting myself or for my largely anonymous readers. I’ve gotten some e-mails from folks asking if this is my day job, so I’ve updated my bio on the “About Me” tab above.
That having been said, I want to tell you about I registered and have been ignoring the e-mails. But this morning I discovered they’ve got some decent music and sound effects that are royalty free. If you’re making amateur videos and expect to profit from them (even marginally) you’ll want to make sure you’re using royalty free stuff.sr1.jpg

The problem about most royalty-free content is that it’s as expensive as hell. But SoundRangers has price points even a small video can afford- from $3 to $30 from what I’ve seen. My next video will experiment with one of their nice collection of instrumental tunes. They’re mostly short so that will help me edit with more discipline.