Moe’s Burrito Video Contest

preload.gifVitrue and Moe’s are creating an online community that enables Moe’s consumers to create, produce and upload their own video ads. In the submitted advertisements, consumers will be asked to showcase how they are doing their part to put a Moe’s burrito in the hand of every woman, child and man across the nation. Submitted ads will be voted on by the Moe’s and communities along with panel of Moe’s representatives. The grand prize winner for best overall submission will win Moe’s Burritos for Life* and secondary winners will be eligible for various prizes including free Moe’s burritos for a year.

What I suggest is someone making a video of how much space a lifetime of burritos would take up. Yum.

Here’s the site (although it hasn’t launched yet). Thanks to James Jarvis for spotting this one.