Find Me a Viral Video Creator With More than 500 Gems

This guy’s got 500 videos online at Revver (a record), and you’ll either love each one or be terrified. Check out James Jarvis’ blog and his videos (posted as MarquisDeJolie). When I first found my videos next to his, I had a couple nightmares that he was going to experiments with my kids. Then I found out he’s a harmless poetic guy trying to make a decent living in Texas. He’s been homeless, and now lives in the basement of his sister’s home… using every penny he can make off of Revver and his blog to fund his Cable bill and a few smokes to make his teeth hurt. Now I want to invite him to my “if you could have a dinner party with any 10 people” event. Gene Hackman and Chevy Chase are invited too. And the Coen Brothers.

This is one of my favorites below. James if you visit, please give us the URL for the one where you catch people fishing in your backyard which is not your backyard.

6 Replies to “Find Me a Viral Video Creator With More than 500 Gems”

  1. Oh, wouldn’t this one make a marveloustommy hilfiger ad?

    I had recently noticed “jarvis” was a popular keyword tag at revver, but I had never clicked on it – just like I have yet to click on on “scottish,” “forfar” or “ebonics.” Maybe I should click on those, too? But I’m afraid I’ll discover yet another reason not to do anything productive with my day (zefrank wasted most of my afternoon yesterday – again thanks to you, Nalts).

    For the “any 10 people to dinner” thing, my list would include:

    – Steve Martin
    – Mark Twain
    – Leonardo DaVinci
    – Bill Gates
    – Peter Sellers
    – Ernest Hemingway
    – Mick Jagger
    – George Washington
    – George Dubya
    – Adolf Hitler (oh c’mon now, aren’t there are a few questions you’d like to ask?)

    BTW: I’ve heard Chevy is a real a-hole. I’d rather have Fletch over for dinner (“I’ll have a Bloody Mary and a steak sandwich and… a steak sandwich, please.”)


  2. The “What’s Going On Here?” video is at

    10 people to dinner? I’d have to invite:

    Richard Feynman
    Charles Bukowski
    John Huston
    Upton Sinclair
    The Archangel Gabriel
    Salvador Dali
    Martin Scorsese
    Sir Isaac Newton
    Ann Coulter
    my dad (wouldn’t want him to miss THIS shindig!)

    Arlo Guthrie and Mother Jones would be alternates

  3. MarquisdeJolie plus ANN COULTER? There’s a match.
    Jack- the Coens would count as one. They’d share a chair.
    Joe- nice site. Added it to my links on the right.

    Finally some comments! Wahooooo.

  4. All right since I’m fans of Nalts and Marquis…

    – Nalts (bring Evil Fist along…counts as one)
    – MarquisdeJolie
    – Groucho Marx
    – Salvador Dali
    – Magritte
    – Bruce Campbell
    – Buster Keaton
    – Chuck Jones
    – Jim Henson
    – Ben Franklin

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