Who Will Help Me Find Good Videos?

Since most online video sites are now swelling beyond their capacity, I’d say there’s an interim (and maybe permanent) market for editors that are willing to sift the good from the garbage. It’s not easy, but it adds value. And anyone can do it. Even a 15-year-old kid from New Jersey.

binocular.jpgAs the big video sites are battling for content, eyeballs and advertisers, it will be interesting to watch people that find a niche and identify good content regardless of what site features it. Let’s call it “video host agnostic.” Bloggers like to create new terms and hope something sticks.

Eventually the sites will do a better job of helping ensure the good content rises to the top, but it remains an imperfect science. Take YouTube- the most popular video site. Are YouTube’s “most viewed” videos a representation of what our culture values? I’d like to think not. It goes like this… a small group help fling a video into slight popularity, and then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. The more that watch, the more that want to watch. In theory bad stuff will drop out of this upward spiral but that’s not always the case. And “bad stuff” to me might be an “LOL” to you.

The way to master the art of video organization (by interest area or category) is via social networking. People vote for videos, and as my vote matches the taste of others it becomes more powerful. Some day, for example, I’ll find a few other nuts with  similar sense of humor to me and we’ll all help each other find the best videos. Sounds futuristic, doesn’t it? But I met with Adriana Lukas yesterday. She makes me think this weird stuff is possible.

3 Replies to “Who Will Help Me Find Good Videos?”

  1. With hundreds of thousands of video producers, millions of clips and billions of users, the web is fast becoming the largest video distribution channel in history.

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  2. I’m afraid Youtube’s ‘Most Viewed’ IS our culture, Nalts. We are the new Romans and this is our colliseum. Ed Sullivan knew it. Bring on the dancing bears.

  3. It is possible, Kevin, it is! There are many nuts with the same sense of humour – and I know a few personally – and I am happy to count myself as one. You just need to be in the right net ‘hood.

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