Scooping ZeFrank on His Own Video

Check it out. I got ZeFrank’s video of the day before he posted it. Does that count for anything?

3 Replies to “Scooping ZeFrank on His Own Video”

  1. How do you outscoop someone posting their own video without involving time machines and other intricate clockworks and possibly a perky Commodore 64?

    It just can’t be possible Nalts! ‘splain please!

  2. You two are the only people that might have guessed this! Since ZeFrank is using Revver, he’s subjected to the whole Editor’s Cue thing just like us! What does that mean? He can’t possibly know when his video clears the editors, so there’s a window (usually early afternoon) where he’s on Revver but not his site! Mooo haaaa haaa

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