Digg.com Redesign on Monday: Video Included

Redherring.com reports that tech-geek/social news site Digg.com will soft-launch an all-new, enhanced site Monday, with new verticals for world and business news, entertainment, sciences, gaming, as well as videos (courtesy of Adotas).The San Francisco-based site has experienced rapid growth since its inception, as it currently receives 8.5 million unique visitors per month and up to 2,000 news stories per day. The site essentially provides a forum for users to contribute the addresses of topical and timely news stories and blog posts, inviting users to comment on them and “digg” them if they find them worthwhile. Items that get a significant amount of “diggs” are promoted to the home page.

Currently the site links to videos but doesn't host 'em. Let's see what Monday brings.

2 Replies to “Digg.com Redesign on Monday: Video Included”

  1. Did you also note in Adotas the story headlined “Google Testing Ad-Supported Videos”? Note the last line of the story: Videos will only be from professionals and the revenue will be split with the video owner.

  2. Thanks- overlooked that because I thought it was another story about Google’s online video ads (the ads that appear as video on other sites)!

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