Another Way to Get Ad Revenue on Your Videos

Revver until now has cornered the market on pay-for-content. Two firms have offered similar models, though. And a new entrant has arrived.

1) Jeukersz (aka


home_bliptv.gif3) Now is getting into the revenue-sharing space according to this article from CNet. Here's what CNet says, and if you register you can read more about Blip's advertising policy.

" does not brand the videos with its logo, so users can take full advantage of the service without confusing their viewers about whose site they are watching. What's in it for, then? It's not fully rolled out yet, but the service will be advertising-supported. If users will accept ads on their videos, will share the revenues from the ads 50/50. Blip, for its part, will run the ad network and host the videos, and give users a lot of control over the ads they'll take."

What does this mean to content creators? More options, and difficult decisions. Currently, it's a free market- post where you like. Eventually, however, it's possible that the highest financial opportunity will be available to those willing to sign exclusive deals.  

Here's the thing I can't explain. With the exception of Revver and Jeukersz (both who currently have very low traffic), online video sites are being hush-hush about the details of revenue sharing. It perplexes me.

5 Replies to “Another Way to Get Ad Revenue on Your Videos”

  1. Personally I like bliptv of all the services. They are the most ‘vlogger friendly’ in my view. Their cross posting feature to my blogger acount is great little feature so my vlog is automatically updated without me having to go there.

    BTW, there is a link on their site in the FAQ section about advertising.

  2. I agree with Graham. I hope the ad dollars are forthcoming for Blip. Revver is cool but Quicktime is a dead-end. Blip TV can convert whatever file format you upload to Flash, cross post immediately to your blog, tag itself in and Flickr, etc…

  3. Quicktime is dead. Revver knows it, and should be addressing it soon.

    It sounds like Blip has a lot more functionality than most sites. I should check it out, but I’m too lazy to submit all of my videos to multiple sites.

    Would someone create a tool that does that automatically?

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