Google Video to Allow Comments & Ratings (and what we REALLY want)

google-video-search.jpgGoogle Video will soon allow online video viewers to post comments and ratings. This places the site closer to YouTube's model, and could well help it steal market share from the #1 online video site.

Of course, Google doesn't typically model off of other companies but sets trends. Google's old model was to organize the world, but it appears to be doing things to create and host more content and tools– from spreadsheets to hosted web pages.

Anyway, here are the top 6 things we'd like to see from Google Video:

  1. Please give us the ability to search all videos- whether they live on Google or not. Yahoo Video beat you to the punch here, and this is rightfully Google's domain.
  2. Give us a tool to upload videos on Google, and automatically shoot them to other sites. That's risky, but brave. It's painful to submit the same video to multiple sites. I've pretty much narrowed it down to YouTube (for popularity) and Revver (for income).
  3. Share with content creators. We put stuff in, and you keep the ad revenue. We know you're paying to host and serve it, but throw us a little bone, eh?
  4. For Google's sake, give us the ability to see how often a video is viewed! I want this as an amateur creator, and NEED it as a marketer.
  5. Give us a Google Video logo! Megabranding is a proven failure. You won't buy white Coke, but you will buy 7up. Google Video needs its own identity- what's with every product having spartan black type under the Google logo? Your ad agency is smoking crack. Dennis Hwang can draw something up on his lunch break.
  6. Finally, we'd like you to showcase Google Earth on the homepage and give me revenue for each view.

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  1. Google shows how often a video is viewed in “Reports”. That what you’re talking about? By day, week, month and total views. After Revver’s pie charts, Google’s views reporting is the best of all the aggregator sites, I think.

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