Frappuccinos Will Break Your Wallet & Pants’ Buttons

I've been trying to tell my wife to stay away from Starbucks for years. Mostly because our coffee bill is rivaling our mortgage. But now we have a new reason. Remember how certain foods get blasted over time:frappuccino.jpg

  • Movie theater popcorn
  • Chinese food
  • Fatty fast food meals
  • Taco Bell "salads"

Now here's video from ABC News that confirms that Fraps are not just expensive, but loaded with fat and calories. ABC reported this breaking news in January too. By the way, I found the video on MyYahoo, and it won't give me a link that works- just spent 30 minutes trying to find a unique URL for the video, which appears neither on Yahoo Video or ABC News…. Grrrr…
Here's a Citizen Created Commercial video someone shot for Starbucks. Even better, check out this hysterical Starbucks commercial (what happens if you DON'T get your Starbucks early enough.

I'm going to buy one. Bye.

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