Cancelling AOL (video version)

Here's my video version of the AOL Cancellation (click to see it on YouTube).
A guy tries to call and cancel his AOL account and runs into an aggressive call-center employee who wants to talk him out of it. And it's all caught on audio for everyone to enjoy! Here's the blog entry about this event. Here's the recording of Vincent Ferrari trying to cancel his AOL subscription. We can all appreciate this because it's happened to all of us.

"Cancel the account. I don't know how to make it more clear… you're annoying the shit out of me."

"And that goes both ways," responds the call center employee. "If you want me to cancel this account… you're going to listen to me."

Apparently the call center employee has been fired from AOL. This just goes to show- see what happens when you outsource your call center (see video)?