Nacho Libre Review: Remembering the Feature Length Clips

Let's make one thing clear. This blog isn't for movie reviews, and I don't review movies. But last night I went to see one of those old "feature length" films in a cinema. In case you don't recall them, let me give you some reminder cues:jack1.jpg

  • You have to pay and wait in line
  • They're really, really long
  • You sit in a dark room (usually uncomfortably close to other people)
  • The resolution is remarkable
  • The load time is amazing- very little streaming delays
  • When you go pee, you can't pause them

Since it was Father's Day, I decided to see Nacho Libre. Jack Black did a fantastic SNL appearance when Kong came out so I thought I might enjoy it. I was't let down- not only did I stay awake (which is not true for the past dozen movies I've seen) but I laughed outloud. In fact, I can't recall a movie where I heard the audience laugh so frequently and so loud. It was really fun.

Go check it out yourself. But don't try to "right click" and save it, because I think they're going to try to sell it on DVD.

P.S. I deliberately squashed the photo above because I think Jack looks funnier that way.