Pranking the Coffee Mascot

testdrive.jpgBlogs can be fatiguing to maintain (sans revenue) until something like this comes along. Mascot Roommate. These guys prank their poor roommate who has a job promoting a coffee shop.

It takes the fun out of it to think it might be staged, but there's certainly tips that would suggest that. One thing's clear to me- it's not an ad campaign. Coffee Bean wouldn't sanction this (some of it's crude) and they certainly wouldn't serve the clips on a Mac account. So whether it's staged or not, we can conclude that the real prank is on the store and its customers.

That said, this would make a helluva viral ad campaign, wouldn't it? I think if I was the PR guy for Coffee Bean, I'd have our lawyers send a "cease and desist" letter. And if I was the head of marketing, I'd give 'em a check, pull down the "over the top" content (Mascot thrusting pole), and put some viral wind behind it.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I think it is definitely staged and that would take the fun away from a viral campaign. My guess is that Coffee Bean would probably ignore it, but the manager of that local store should step in and fire the guy. Knocking him over, even it was staged, into someone else’s table is neither funny nor innovative.

    Having said that, the production of the video is very good and I really like your site.



  2. in college my friend worked a part time gig as the easter bunny in the local mall.

    one day his other friends showed up and proceeded to tackle the oversized bunny which caused quite the scene in the mall, especially since the mall had more then one costumed bunny and they targeted the wrong one.

    fortuneately the middle aged woman was shocked not injured.

    funny in hindsight and this video brought that story back

  3. We just hired a woman that worked as Chip (or Dale) at Disney. I think it takes a brave person to dress up in those costumes. You’re kinda begging to get your ass kicked.

  4. I think the first clip is so funny, because thats all they did, push him over. This big build up and then they just knock him down. Gotta love the simplicity of it.
    The “Cops” send up they did is hysterical as well! Staged or Advertisment or somewhere in between – I love it. Made me laugh at work.

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