Viral Idols? Television Producers Should Mine and Sign

This Transformer video is pretty funny. It slows down in the middle, but comes to an interesting (albiet violent) ending. I discovered it via TechDigest.TV (who does a nice YouTube roundup). I recognize these guys and their CD-covered wall, so I went back to the site in their YouTube profile. It's and here's another bizaar one: Check out the first few seconds of this doll video. These mop heads celebrate immaturity with a contagious pride- it's highly overacted and definitely a guilty pleasure of web watching. 

Having watched last night a Hollywood E! story on Simon Cowell, I started to think about the discovery process for new stars. Andy Milonakis, who has his own television show, found his fame when he released webcam recordings of freestyle rhyming. See his Wikipedia entry for more (by the way, he's 30 years old with a growth-hormone condition). 

So here's something to ponder- will the next American Idol be discovered via the web? The Internet is more democratic than a television show that somewhat stacks the deck. If I were a television producer, I'd be mining and signing- and Smosh would be a good place to start.  

Author: Nalts

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