Yahoo Video- What’s New?

Here's an article about Yahoo's upgraded video site. And here's a link to Yahoo! Video. I like Motley Fool's review, which basically summarizes Yahoo Video as not being very differentiated. It also suggests Yahoo could stand out by allowing video content owners to sell their work (like Google Video promised originally) or win prizes/cash for highly viewed material. Yahoo behaves more like a media company than Google, so I would be very surprised if Yahoo doesn't continue partnering with media firms- following AOL's lead. 

What I Like

  • Simple interface
  • It's supposed to search iFilm, Revver, StupidVideo, Grouper and others.
  • Integration with e-mail
  • Ability to ad channels almost like widgets
  • Unlike Google Video you can find it easily from Yahoo's homepage and refine a text search into a video search.
  • When you upload you can apply multiple categories (rare)

What I Don't Like

  • My tests suggest it isn't searching iFilm, Revver, StupidVideo, Grouper and others.
  • It's hard to go to the video site from Yahoo because a click on "video" on just toggles the search to index videos. It doesn't take you to Yahoo Video. 
  • When it does find a video from another site, it kicks you to that site without a daughter window. So when you're done, Yahoo Video is gone.

This post is so boring I could barely proof it. 

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