Five on Fridays (Floyd Hayes)

Floyd is back with another Five on Fridays, which is a very low budget piece that reviews interesting pieces of new media and advertising. Although I can't say he doesn't creep me out just a little, he finds extremely engaging photos and stories, and delivers it with an English sense of humor right from NYC.


3 Replies to “Five on Fridays (Floyd Hayes)”

  1. Well, I might do a second ‘series’ for the Fall…I wanted my Wednesday and Thursday evenings back 🙂

    It was just an experiment really to see if I could learn how to film and edit etc…Mind you, had a really good response, I was pretty happy with it.

    PLUS I almost made $50 on Revver! ha ha – off to retire now…

    I might have to do a super creepy Halloween special, just for you!

    Anyway, thanks for posting,


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