Classifying Your Own “Online Video Viewer Persona”

ser_persona.jpgWhich "Online Video Viewer Persona" best describes you? This is worthy of a poll if I could figure out how to run one on a blog:

1) Trusting and lazy: I go to YouTube and look at the most popular content. I don't want the headache of sifting through garbage and I trust the public opinion.

2) Random by design: I approach different sites in different ways- sometimes looking at the most recent, other times using tags, and other times selecting what' popular.

3) Fisher: I fish "most recent" because I take pride in finding new stuff that is undiscovered. I just did a post on Revverberation to show how to "fish the 'most recent' section of Revver efficiently).

4) Passive recipient: I wait for someone to send me an e-mail. If my friends like it I' probably will, and I don't have the time to go actively looking.

5) Clueless: You're probably not reading this blog if you're clueless. But these are the types that send you the most archain videos like they just discovered something hot.  

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