Artie Lange on Jimmy Kimmel

Here's a YouTube clip from the recent appearance of Artie Lange on Jimmy Kimmel live. Since I don't TiVo Kimmel, it's nice to find some clips like this. If you're shy on time, let it stream completely and rush to the clip from his new movie, Beer League. Three guys in a diner and the two fat ones berate the third for ordering a healthy breakfast. "That's the gayest order I've ever heard," he says. "If you put a construction hat on that order it could join the Village People."

It's kinda long, so wait for a good conference call to listen to it. I just finished it and I don't think anyone noticed I wasn't paying attention. Oh- check to make sure mute is on first.

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  1. I enjoyed the Artie Lange Clip from Jimmy Kimmel.
    Artie continues to impress with his highly intelligent, and quick minded comedic responses. Artie lang is the best comedian ever.

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