Jump Start Your Profit with the YouTube/Revver Link

MadV is a 16-year-old illusionist that gained a rapid following on YouTube over the past month or so. To learn more, see my post today on www.Revverberation.com. MadV soon discovered that he was gaining fame but no money (YouTube is popular but doesn't pay creators). So he posted his videos on Revver, then provided links from his YouTube video comments to the URL on Revver. While hundreds of thousands were watching his clever magic tricks on YouTube, some of them followed him to Revver. That made his Revver videos some of the most popular to date.

We don't know how much MadV made on his 9 Revver videos, but my guess is that it was decent cash. Why? He brought Revver virgins to the site, and logic would hold that they click the ad frames more often than Revver regulars. Still, some of the views might have been out of curiousity, and since they probably already saw the trick on YouTube they may not have made it completely through the Revver version.

Anyway, here are the two major learnings:

1) Create killer content, and it will catch on. I emphasize "killer" because my attempt at being a diner magician didn't exactly pay off. 

2) Get famous on YouTube (where almost half of web videos are seen).

3) In comments section, try to migrate people to your Revver URL.

4) Fame on YouTube, profit on Revver.

P.S. One thing he could have done better… create an affiliate code on each video, and link YouTube viewers to his entire MadV collection on Revver.