Getting Rich on Revver

When I first got obsessed with posting videos on Revver (one of the only models that pays amateurs some of the ad revenue) I realized I started to sound like a cheesy infomercial telling people about it. That's what spawned this spoof of myself. Ironically, the name I used (David Scheyd) was a classmate of mine in highschool. One of his college roomates saw it, and asked if it was the same guy. Once we established that both of our David's had the nickname ShitHead, it was clear. Small world the Internet.

3 Replies to “Getting Rich on Revver”

  1. Small world indeed. When you google “Shithead” for fun and find not only THE Shithead you had in mind from 15/20 years ago but also another numskull friend who assumed his name to be discreet?! Not only small world… I feel a lesson coming on…. to be careful of what name you choose and of which names stick. How did he get that nickname exactly anyway?
    It’s great to see your videos, Nalts!!! So glad to see your not going hungry (for davideos) Great fun, thank you. Life is good.

  2. I roomed with David “Shithead” Scheyd in high school, at St. Stanislaus, and went to Loyola University with Leslie Coleman. What a small world is right. Where are you all? What about John Winters?

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