Jimmy Kimmel Gets Bitten by Snake

snake.jpgSo there's a lot of debate as to whether this is a hoax or not, but you decide for yourself. It convinced me. Here, friends, is one of the most viral clips of the past month or so. Jimmy Kimmel Getting Bitten by a Snake.

For higher resolution but slower performance, check out the same click on DevilDucky. You may need to see it here, actually, because you'll want to watch the strike carefully to see if you believe it's a publicity stunt.

Author: Nalts

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4 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Gets Bitten by Snake”

  1. No way. If you frame by frame through the high-res clip at the point of the strike, the snake goes up and over his hand. It doesn’t appear to actually make contact (IMHO).

  2. After I finished this post, I checked around. Apparently it’s a confirmed hoax. But it’s much more fun if you don’t know that. Imagine being in that audience!

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