We Like Our Dancing Videos: Napolean and Evolution of Dance


We like our dancing videos online. In the past 6 months more than 5 million people have watched Napolean Dynamite's Dance Scene on YouTube. That makes it one of the top 10 most watched videos on the web. But nothing tops "The Evolution of Dance" by Justin Laipply. In one month, he's been seen nearly 15 million times- and it's an amusing six minutes. Justin will be on the Today Show on June 5, and here's his website.
Now here's the interesting thing. Obviously the Napolean Dynamite piece is a copyright violation, and if the studio cared they could have YouTube remove it. But actually so is Justin's piece. He can't produce or sell his clip (despite the popularity) because he'd need a license of every song. So for now he'll have to enjoy the free press and consider his dance video a gift to the universe (until one of the music studios tries to axe it).