Signs You May Have Obsessive Video Dissorder (OVD)

If you're obsessed with making and viewing online videos, there's help available. Answer these 10 questions, and speak with your doctor if you answer "yes" to 5 or more of the following: straight jacket.jpg

10. I regret any funny moment that passes which I failed to capture on video.
9. My significant-other or spouse sees my online video sites as "another man or woman."
8. I check my views (and income) more than 7 times a day, starting with first thing in the morning.
7. My life is a series of 20-50 second bits.
6. I cannot fathom the commitment of watching a 30-minute television show.
5. My visits to Revver, YouTube and Google Video are surpassing my time spent on Google or e-mail.
4. I have an uncanny ability to know who (among friends or co-workers) will agree to be in a video.
3. I have developed a parasocial relationship with the "celebrities of online videos" like the Numa Numa kid or BowieChick.
2. I can't stand the period between when I upload a video and when it's viewable.
1. The subject of my online videos has come up in my day-job performance review and career pathing dicsussions.

pill bottle noir.jpgOnly a healthcare professional can tell you if you have Obsessive Video Dissorder (OVD). Print this page and ask your doctor about a new drug that might help.

3 Replies to “Signs You May Have Obsessive Video Dissorder (OVD)”

  1. Omigosh! I’m way over 5!!!

    Doc…Doc…tell me how long I have to live…

    Oh…it’s just an addiction and I won’t die from it.

    If I haven’t really told my wife about Revver does that qualify as cheating? I tried to tell her once but the link didn’t work at her work PC.

  2. So funny. I especially love #4. That’s why kids are such perfect agreeable “victims”.

  3. 10, 8, 4 and probably heading towards 1

    That ability to know who is camera friendly is a bit uncanny.

    on a side note, i sent a request to Booyah Networks for more information. i’ll let you know what I get back. they came up in a CNN newsletter I get by Bambi Francisco

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