Online Video Viewers Grew 18 Percent

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The number of Internet users watching video online went up 18 percent between October 2005 and March 2006 according to a ComScore's analysis of U.S. Web users' online video viewing habits. In March, U.S. Internet users initiated a total of 3.7 billion video content streams; and we watched an average 100 minutes of video content each during the month, compared with 85 minutes back in October last year. The gender split is almost even, but men spend more time watching videos (should we be surprised?). And the study confirmed its not just college kids watching. It's some of us that still think we're in college too.

And in a statement that gave the founder of CubeBreak a smarmy grin, Comscore said this: In a blow to human resources managers everywhere, the workplace is the favored environment for watching video. People spent about an hour a month watching from work environments.

Source: ClickZ and ComScore news release.

2 Replies to “Online Video Viewers Grew 18 Percent”

  1. And if you’re even nerdier, AND Quicktime doesn’t work at work, you spend that hour reading online video related blogs and responding to them. ­čÖé (and checking your Revver account every three hours)

    Also, my first thought is that people only spend 1 hour!!!

  2. Clearly there are a lot of people spending VERY little time viewing online videos if the average is 1 hour. In fact it would take about 50 people watching for a minute to balance me out.

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