Mobile Couch Potatoes

Sirius streaming video in car

Stay tuned mobile couch potatoes… you'll soon not just hear Howard Stern but watch him on your commute. Sirius has confirmed plans to launch its live, streaming video service soon after the Consumer Electronics Show (Jan. 8-11) in 2007. For more see this article from

We at "Will Video for Food" think this is an intriguing new channel, but one that won't catch on quickly. Why? First- it's got limited appeal (parents, road trippers, TV addicts). Second, it's ANOTHER subscription. Third, it's bound to be spotty technology initially. There are two things Sirius needs to do for this to even approach mainstream: a) Partner with a broadband entity (Verizon/Comcast) so that the programming is an extension of the in-house video service, b) Ensure that no van ever leaves Detroit without a player.