Viral Video Campaign

This is in an interesting unbranded initiative by Gillette, which has taken some bold and risky targeting/positioning/branding moves including a close affiliation with Howard Stern. This site,, has the look and feel of a low-budget association. Yet the viral videos are clearly top quality (and pretty funny).

So I view this with mixed emotions. I do think it's smart marketing. But I'd be lying if I didn't see high-quality viral productions as a threat to amateur creation like some of those that were selected by Grant, many were done by pros but wheeee (runner up and my favorite) is a good example of a true, low-budget "Citizen Created Commercial." A few college roomates skipped class to make that puppy. Anyway, check out NoScruff and gross yourself out at women with hairy legs and arms that fawn over nerdy guys with cleanly shaved faces.