iFilm Takes Advertising to a New Level

Okay we’ve all got to pay the rent. But iFilm is taking intrusive advertising to a new level. I just clicked the link on iFilm’s video of the day, and here’s what I got:

1) When I arrived at the site, I got a streaming ad. I was able to skip it.

2) Suddenly I got a few pop ups, and there were ads wrapped around the page that allows me to play the video (didn’t I already indicate I’m ready for the video when I clicked the link in the e-mail?).

3) Next we get a Rayban frame around the video that tells me to select a player.

4) Finally, I get a 15-second ad before the video starts.

Okay- so I’m guessing iFilm made about $2 for my visit, which was painful. The video (another spoof on Lazy Monday) wasn’t even that great.

The balance of content and ads is a tricky one, but iFilm has gone wayyyyy overboard. It will take something really interesting to get me to hop through those hurdles again.