ViTrue: A New User-Created Advertising Platform

This article on Adotas describes ViTrue., which was launched by Reggie Bradford, the former president of Tanberg Television, CEO of N2 Broadband and CMO of WebMD. ViTrue, Inc will, according to the release, be the world’s first user-created advertising platform, and the company will receive $2.2 million in funding from General Catalyst Partners and ViTrue’s founder. 

The founder of, which was just aquired by ViTrue (not much on the site), says "Now not only can our video producers continue to share their personal creativity worldwide, they can earn serious money and we’ll make them famous by aligning this creative passion with the products, services and brands they choose to use in their daily lives. The result will be more creative and less expensive advertisements that benefit everyone involved.”

Nice quote, but I'm missing how the creators make "serious money."

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