How to Make Money on Short, Viral Videos

For starters, let me get two things out in the open. I'm a Revver addict, and this blog is a spinoff of Revverberation, the unofficial blog of Revver. I'm also not a film pro, so we won't be exploring how to get your feature length film into Sundance.

 This blog focuses on how the average Joe can make money on their videos. There are currently four ways:

1) Upload your video to and some other video services I'll be discussing in future posts. You'll make 50% of the ad revenue generated from your video. Here's my spoof of myself on Revver.

2) Enter your video into viral video contests (FireFox, Howard Stern, etc.), and those sites that give amateurs the ability to make "citizen created commercials." We'll be identifying lots of these.

3) Submit your video to a site that pays for great viral videos. is an example.

4) Create your own site using Revver videos. This is what I've done with CubeBreak, and I make a 20% affiliate fee on all videos that get ad clicks (and 50% of the ad clicks of my own work).

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